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FASHION IS A Lifestyle

About Genesis

Welcome to G Gallery. Genesis, is your very own Fashion Consultant and Stylist. Genesis is the CEO, Founder, Creator, and Designer of everything here at G Gallery. She has over 20 years of style and fashion experience. Geninis Coutuer was her first fashion store front and it was located downtown on 9th Street Santee in 2008. 

In 2011, she was offered an opportunity to move her fashion store inside the pavilion mall located in the city of Carson.

She is here to make your Dream Style a Reality. Giving you a fresh fashionable and edgy new look. Bringing your concepts and your visions into the 21st century by Customizing Styles that Fit Your Personality. Styles created by your very own Fashion Stylist, Genesis.

She specializes in One-Of-A-Kind Custom Jacket Designs and makes everyone feel special. She's here to remind you that Style has nothing to do with Labels but everything to do with Style. You don't wear fashion, YOU bring fashion to life by wearing it with style. You can create the new trend by having your own unique look. Ladies and gentlemen, your Fashion Stylist Genesis will help YOU create the look and style YOU need to compliment your personality and your body type.

Check out our Gallery for other Great New Design Ideas. Make the design Your Own, by choosing Your Look, Your Colors, and Your Design. One-Of-A-Kind Custom Jackets are Only $160 for LADIES JACKETS and MEN'S JACKETS. Don't wait until it is too late.

Order Yours Now and Watch Your Design Become Reality!

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OVER $150

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